Welcome to the world of handmade soft drinks,

whereas wellness & the refreshing

and pure ingredients are held

into a jar


Athlete, tennis coach and well-being enthusiast, Vassilios Roubis created              VROUBIS, with the vision of creating handmade products that are aligned with the well-being and sustainable development.

The core values ​​he advocates are creativity, experiences related to taste and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

It all started in 2008, through taste experimentation in his house kitchen. While friends and associates were urging him, he decided to create handmade products from fresh fruits and herbs, without sugar and preservatives. Soon bfresh spitiko was born , the first “handmade soft drink in the jar”.

Vassilios Roubis



Utilizing with respect the wealth of the Greek land, at VRoubis we create handmade products, just as we would make them at home.

Behind the name VRoubis we are a “family”, a group of people who with passion and care, everyday we choose citrus fruits from organic crops, which ripen naturally under the Greek sun.

We can’t settle for less than an irreconcilable choice of raw materials. For our team, handmade means respect for the uniqueness of each fruit and the undivided attention needed to create a quality product, completely safe, without preservatives and sugar.

Taste experience

From the very first moment, the non-negotiable rule is the natural processing of fruits & citrus and the continuum of the handmade stages of production, such as the squeezing of lemons and the zest of fresh ginger.

These stages offer a unique taste experience and distinctively fresh, sharp scents

Values & Vision

The values ​​we stand for


From the grating of zest of lemon and ginger to the squeezing of citrus fruits, the production stages are done by hand. This is the reason for the unique taste and the feeling of freshness of bfresh spitiko & feeju.


Every day we choose fresh citrus fruits, which come from organic Greek crops. They are collected at the right stage of ripening naturally under the Greek sun, so that the nuances and scents in the beverages emerge more intensely.


By the principles of a healthy lifestyle, we do not use sugar or preservatives in any product.

We give a sweet taste to our products by adding sweeteners with low glycemic index, such as organic agave, natural fruit sugars and stevia. Our recipes are based on the use of natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants with multiple health benefits.

In addition, we offer a unique tasting experience with minimal calories, without gluten and chemicals.

Quality & Safety

The valuable ingredients of our products come from the handmade process, then we bottle them in the state-of-the-art production line in accordance with all international safety standards certified by recognized bodies.


certificate_tuv_V ROUBIS_GR 2022 organic production and labelling

Our vision

Our vision is to offer handmade products through our evergreen “home”, where citrus fruit and botanicals are grown with respect.

Our passion for healthy lifestyle leads us to produce products that promote wellness and actively support sustainable development.

Corporate impact

Throughout our journey, we carry out actions for society, sustainable development and sports, which come from the cordial participation of our people. Actions aimed at positive impact, offering and care.

Our brands


bfresh spitiko competed with 220 other innovative products from 29 countries and was recognized in the category of the best handmade products by the

World Food Innovation Awards 2018

An international distinction between the “Ones to Watch” companies of Greece, according to the business awards

European Business Awards 2019.

Third honorary distinction as

“Ambassador of Greek Taste” and “Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy”




Excellent Taste Organic Awards


Global presence


Our house

The building facilities and the production unit of VRoubis are located in a green area of ​​50 acres on the island of Evia – Greece. The location wasn’t randomly chosen, it is fully aligned with and reflects the values ​​of VRoubis ; where with respect to nature and in harmony with the environment, handmade products are created everyday.

From the entrance, the visitor feels the green “dna” that is embedded to the company. Walking inside the premises of VRoubis , the intense scent of citrus fruit emerges, coming from the handmade stages of production. Taking a short walk through the unique ecosystem, the visitor enjoys beautiful views of the olive trees and the Mediterranean aromatic herbs and botanicals.

The creation of the new building facilities of VRoubis was a large and innovative investment, a “home” where products are produced everyday aligned with healthy lifestyle and sustainable development.

For the needs of the project, a number of olive trees were transplanted in order to have the least possible intervention to the natural environment and the local vegetation.

This investment will be completed with the operation of a theme park. Visitors will be able to admire the cultivation of citrus fruit, botanicals and other herbs or spices used in the production and enjoy the handmade products.

At the same time, they will be able to visit the cutting-edge factory, which coexists with the natural environment and is based on the most modern international scientific standards.

Having maintained the handmade processing stages of the raw materials that add value, we then bottle the valuable ingredients of our products in a state-of-the-art bottling line, in accordance with all international safety standards certified by recognized bodies.


Corporate responsibility

We are daily committed to offering quality, handmade soft drinks and juices that promote well-being.

We go beyond our goal, contributing positively to society, sustainable development and sports.

Throughout our journey, we carry out specific actions that come from the cordial participation of our people.

Actions that aim at the positive impact, the offering and the care.


The team of VRoubis, focused on the minimum possible ecological footprint and always having in mind protecting the environment, is a pioneer in environmental activities. The “green” DNA embedded to the team is further cultivated by the continuous recycling of organic waste that derives from the production process. These residues are used to produce high quality soil conditioners (compost) which according to the European Union help to improve the quality of soil, enriching the earth with organic matter and reducing water needs.

Energy consumption saving

Having innovated in the field of packaging, we have essentially enabled HORECA professionals to offer consumers a sophisticated jar filled with a healthy soft drink, sugar-free, preservative-free. Specifically, bfresh spitiko, is a mix for preparation available in 100% recyclable glass bottles with a shelf life of 8 up to 18 months, can be stored without refrigeration and after opening can be consumed within 10 days.

Each 1Lt bottle of bfresh spitiko offers up to 20 unique portions. Therefore, the environment is not burdened with additional packaging, minimizing shipping costs, saving up to 80% space, energy and costs.

Social responsibility

With sensitivity and pure interest for people and society, we actively support the efforts and support several humanitarian organizations and social organizations.

Having as robust foundations collectivity and solidarity, we support their valuable work.


Aligned with the motto “Together WE can do more” we actively support the work of the non-profit Scientific Mastological Society – Iasi – Support (EMEIS).

We financially support their effort and we have already donated 18.000 handmade bfresh spitiko beverages to our partners, while communicating the action of Ε.Μ.Ε.ΙΣ.

For years we have been companions and supporters of all their efforts, because we deeply understand that women’s smiles are valuable.

blood – e

In recent years we support blood-e with the donation of our products.

A voluntary non-profit organization that organizes voluntary blood donations.

The blood-e team aims through information and training programs, to increase the percentage of volunteer blood donors and to meet the needs for blood.

Social impact

We stand by several vulnerable social groups and non-profit organizations such as food banks and rations.


True to our principles and values, we actively support numerous sports activities.

Whether through financial sponsorships or the donation of products, we support the sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle. In our report, supporting activities have been recorded towards sports clubs and teams, as well as for events such as tennis, marathons, basketball, beach volley, etc.